Best Rc Helicopters

Best Rc Helicopters
The Remote control helicopter hobby is one of enjoyment, thrill and satisfaction. Many people try out a large range of different brand and models, especially while learning, until they find one that they are truly happy and comfortable with. Choosing the best rc helicopter for yourself can be a long, and sometimes daunting, task and there are many factors that come into play due to the wide array of features available on many helicopters, reading up on some Rc Helicopter Reviews can help. Some rc helicopters fly quite differently to others, so it can take time to find one that you feel meets your requirements and flying style. Luckily there are many models that are designed with a beginner in mind, however not all of them may be comfortable for you to personally fly.


Difference Between The Best and Worst Rc Helicopter?

Well really there is no difference between the best and the worst because it all comes down to personal opinion. For example, one person may be extremely comfortable flying something like the blade cx2 while the next person may not.
There are however many factors that will determine what helicopter makes the best choice for you. These can include:

– Speed
Speed in a helicopter is a primary perk, one that without doubt many people want. Unfortunately not all remote control helicopters have a quick speed, in fact many models are actually quite slow. There are a lot of factors that determine the speeds of a heli such as design, power generation, gyro implementation and flybar style.

– Stability
Stability is, in my opinion, the most important feature of a helicopter when it comes to choosing a good one. After all, who wants to fly one that is constantly swaying, swerving and falling off course?
The stability of a helicopter, like speed, is affected by many factors ranging from the type of gyro used, the design of the flybar or the weight to power ratio.

– Weight
Different helicopters, even if they share the same dimensions, can vary greatly in weight. This is obviously due to the different materials used in construction, the size of the battery or general internal controls and mechanisms. There is no right or wrong weight for a helicopter, however the weight does need to be proportioned with the power output in order to maintain stable flight and good battery life.

– Ease of Maintenance
By default most helicopters are very easy to maintain, especially electric powered models. The most that really needs to be done is the occasional replacing of parts.

– Spare Part Availability
The availability of spare parts is another important factor in determining the best helicopter because you definitely want to be able to get a hold of spare parts if they are needed. Generally, most well-known brands have an abundance of spare parts available and you should be able to pick them up at most local hobby stores and online.

– Construction Materials
Although not as important as other factors, the materials used in the construction of the helicopter can determine its durability and flight physics. Models are generally built using a mixture of plastic, fiberglass and aluminum.

– Ready To Fly Or Not
Rc helicopters can be purchased in two different forms, the first being RTF (ready to fly) which means it has already been assembled, so you can open the box, put it on the charge and then begin flying.
The second form is assembly required, meaning you receive the parts and actually build the helicopter.

– Brand
The brand, or company that manufactures the helicopter is another small factor thrown into the mix of what determines the best helicopter. Generally, the more well known a brand is, the more support and resources that are available.

– Power Type
There are three choices of power types when it comes to rc helicopters, electric, gas and nitro. Gas and nitro powered helicopters are generally your larger and more expensive models whereas electric powered are generally smaller and cost a lot less.


How To Find The Best Rc Helicopter For You?

The process can be a long one due to the big differences between all of the current helicopters that are available.

You first step could be to read a few reviews (read ours here) and see what sort of specs and perks that different models have and see if you like the sounds of them. Of course from there, your only option is to buy one and try them out. If you have a friend or know someone that is active within the hobby it may also be a good idea to see if you can get some flight time with one of their helicopters.

Another option, before buying an actual heli, is to pick up a copy of a good flight simulator and try out some different models on there. Most simulators come packed full of hundreds of different models and best of all you use an actual controller to fly them. The physics on simulators have been fine tuned for every helicopter to make their flight dynamics almost exactly the sam as the real thing. For more information on flight simulators you can read our review of the Phoenix Flight Sim.


What Rc Helicopters Are The Best?

Again as mentioned previously it will come down to personal preference, however there are many models that are designed, built and proven to be very solid helicopters for most people, so trying on of these models first could be a good starting point.
Let’s take a look at them:

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If you are looking for details on additional helicopters be sure to take a look at our rc helicopter reviews.