Blade 120 SR Review

Blade 120 SR Review
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The Blade 120 SR is a fast, stable and well-designed, sub-micro sized remote control helicopter for both indoor and outdoor use. The 120 SR is a ready to fly helicopter, which means no assembly is required. This helicopter can be purchased in two different sets, the first being completely ready to fly, including a controller, whereas the second is a bind and fly version which is slightly cheaper however your own, compatible, controller is required.

Construction: The Blade 120 SR is a well-designed and good looking remote control helicopter, with a load of features. This helicopter features a fix pitched that makes it easy to control the single-rotor flight. The 120 SR is a durable helicopter, like many others, that can withstand the worst case crashes without taking too much, or any, damage at all.

The size of this helicopter is 12.5 inches in length, 12.5 inches in main rotor diameter and weighs about 106 grams.

Controls: The Blade 120 SR is a 5 channel RC helicopter which (if purchasing the 100% ready to fly version) comes with a perfect 5-1 Spektrum 2.4Ghz controller. The controls on this helicopter are extremely easy to learn and if you have flown helicopters before, you won’t have any issues flying it.

Flight Time and Charging: The 120 SR features a 1S 500mAh Li-Po battery which has a flight time of between 7-12 minutes depending on conditions. The average charge time via the AC adaptor is 30-60 minutes, for a full charge.

Flight Conditions: The 120SR is both an indoor and outdoor helicopter; however for indoor use a fairly large, empty room is required for fluent flight. Flight outside is great in moderate conditions with preferably low winds.

Official Blade Description

“Fast. Agile. Stable. Fun. The 120 SR heli has a single rotor and fixed pitch with positive stability for indoor and outdoor use.”


The Blade 120 SR is an amazing sub-micro helicopter which features easy control and extremely stable flight. It is a great choice for beginners looking for a large helicopter compared to the mini/micro indoor helicopters.

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