Blade 450 3D RC Helicopter Review

Blade 450 3D RC Helicopter Review
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The Blade 450 is an amazing outdoor helicopter that is built for speed and complete 3D flying. Unlike many of the micro helicopters we have reviewed here, the Blade 450 is a large outdoor helicopter that is more-so aimed at seasoned flyers rather than beginners, however it is still a good choice for beginners looking to get into 3D flying due to the cheaper cost of parts over it’s top competitor the Trex 450.

Construction: The Blade 450, unlike many other 450 models, comes ready to fly, meaning you do not need to assemble it or make any adjustments. The 450 features an aluminium head/casing with plastic weight reduction blade grips that can be upgraded to a metal blade. This helicopter utilizes the spektrum 6115e receiver which allows for real time flight data logging and 2048 resolution.

The size of this beast is 25.8 inches in length, 12.8 inches in blade length, has a main rotor diameter of 28.4 inches and weighs about 760 grams.

Controls: The Blade 450 is a 3D helicopter and is designed for aerobatics, meaning it can fly forwards or backwards, up or down, left or right and upside down. It features a built in G210 gyro that uses micro electro-mechanical sensor technology (MEMS) which provides great correction control and abilities along with drift free operation. This helicopter is also compatible with the Phoenix Flight Simulator, so that you can get a good bit of practice in before going for a real flight.

Flight Time and Charging: This helicopter features a Lipo 2200 mAh 3S battery that can be charged either via an AC adapter or via a car battery through the use of alligator clips. The flight time will vary based on whether you are calmly flying around or pushing some 3D aerobatics.

Flight Conditions: The Blade 450 is an outdoor helicopter and, for beginners, can fly in winds around 10-15 mph. As with any helicopter it can get a little jumpy during higher speed gusts of winds. For optimal 3D aerobatic flying it is always best to fly on a still, calm day for better stability.

Official Blade Description

“The Blade® 450 3D RTF blasts ready-to-fly 3D heli performance to new levels of precision and power. It comes completely assembled and equipped for aggressive 3D aerobatics.”


The Blade 450 3D is an amazing 3D helicopter and comes at a cheaper price than you would find with many other 450 models. A great bonus to this model is the fact it is set up and ready to fly which makes it great for those who are still learning and not fully accustomed to assembling remote control helicopters.

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Blade 450 RC HelicopterBlade 450 3D Review