Blade CX2 Review

Blade CX2 Review
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The Blade CX2 is a beginner friendly, electric coaxial remote controlled helicopter. The CX2 is a ready to fly helicopter, which means you open the box and away you go, no construction or assembly is necessary. Included with your purchase of this helicopter comes a powerful 2.4Ghz controller, an AC adapter and a detailed user manual.

Construction: The CX2 is well designed, with a resistant aluminium hub, strong plastic blades and PTC resettable fuse devices. The blade features an improved gyro and tail control which provides solid handling and a higher tail response to minimise flight drift.
The CX2 weighs about 230 grams, is 417mm in length and 345mm in diameter.

Controls: The CX2 comes with a 5 channel E-Flite transmitter with built in SpektrumTM 2.4Ghz RSM technology. The transmitter is built to allow for flights anywhere without the hassle of interference from other devices. This helicopter boasts 2 feather light S60 super sub-micro servos which allow for powerful and precise cyclic control.

Flight Time and Charging: The flight time on this beauty is about 8-10 minutes, however the charging time can take up to 2 hours with the factory default charger.

Flight Conditions: The CX2 is an optimum indoor helicopter due to it’s light weight design. As with most other mini RC helicopters, it is of course possible to take her for a flight outdoors on an extremely still, quite day.

Official Blade Description:

“The Blade CX2 takes the excitement and beginner-friendly flight stability of the original Blade CX and adds Spectrum 2.4GHz DSM radio control that lets you fly anywhere, anytime without ever having to worry about interference. It?s the first ready-to-fly RC aircraft of any kind to come with this extraordinary technology built in. In addition, the 4-in-1 control unit has been updated with improved gyro and tail control that gives the Blade CX2 even better tail response while minimizing drift. Two feather-light S60 Super Sub-Micro Servos provide powerful, precise cyclic control. Topping it all off is an aggressive new body design that looks fantastic in flight and is unlike anything else out there.”


The Blade CX2 is an amazing helicopter with a solid emphasis on it’s construction, handling and functionality. It is also a model that is compatible for use with Phoenix flight simulator should you want to practice with it for a while before taking it on a real flight.

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