Blade mSR RC Helicopter Reviews

Blade mSR RC Helicopter Reviews
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The Blade mSR is classed as an “ultra micro” remote control helicopter, however its size is similar to that of a Syma S107. The mSR comes RTF (ready to fly) which means no tedious assembly is required, simply open the box and away you go. The mSR comes with a transmitter, a 1-cell DC charger and a few spare blades when purchased.

Construction: Like many other rc helicopters, the Blade mSR is designed using strong plastic for the body whilst featuring a carbon fibre tail boom. The mix of plastic and carbon fibre provides an extremely resistant and durable helicopter with proven results, even when it comes to the worst crashes. The mSR features a high precision, long-throw linear cyclic servo which contributes to the particularly strong stability of the helicopter.

The mSR is about 83mm in height, 189mm in length, 37mm in tail diameter and weighs in at just over 31 grams.

Controls: The Blade mSR is a 4 channel helicopter and comes with a MLP4DSM 2.4GHz DSM2 transmitter. As with other 4 channel helicopters, the mSR has the ability to fly up and down, forwards and backwards and hover left and right. The mSR is also one of the featured helicopters in the Phoenix Flight Simulator.

Flight Time and Charging: This helicopter features a solid E-flite 1S 3.7V 150mAH Li-Po battery which will give you a standard flight time of 6-10 minutes. The mSR is constructed well enough to allow easy maintenance and modifications, so if the stock battery does not suit your needs you can upgrade it something with a bit more power, allowing for a longer flight duration.

Flight Conditions: The mSR, like most small helicopters, is designed to be flown indoors, a large open space such as a gym is preferred. Due to how lightweight this helicopter is, any outdoor flight should be ruled off, however it is possible to modify certain aspects in order to allow for some outdoor flight.

Official Blade Description

“Fast. Agile. Fun. — The “next step” ultra micro heli.”


Over all, the Blade mSR is an extremely quick micro helicopter and features a beautiful set of features that really enhance its stability and the way it moves. If you have flown something like a Syma S107 or Blade CX2 and are looking for something with a lot more speed, than the mSR is for you.

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