Gas Powered Remote Control Helicopters

Gasoline RC Helicopter
Gas powered remote control helicopters, not to be confused with nitro powered helicopters, are generally quite large, powerful and boast a handful of advantages over electric powered rc helicopters. A gas powered rc helicopter would generally not be an ideal choice for a first time flyer, practice with a smaller helicopter or a large number of hours on a flight simulator, such as the phoenix flight sim, would be required to truly master the flight of these. In saying that, there is a small range of gas powered helicopters that are almost fully assembled from the manufacturer and are aimed towards novices.


Advantages Of A Gas Powered RC Helicopter

Aside from the additional size and power of a gas powered heli, there are many other advantages such as:

– Weight
These helicopters weigh a lot more than your average electric models due to their size and engine style, which makes the perfect for outdoor flying, even in windy conditions.

– Assembly
Nearly all gas rc helicopters require assembly, and due to their dynamics and build requirements it is a lot of fun to assemble them, especially when you finish and get to fly it.

– Size
If you have flown standard sized electric helicopter before you will know how difficult it can be to keep track of it when flying at distances, however due to the size of gas powered models it is very easy to always see them, which also makes it easy for video filming.


Engine Details

The engines used in gas powered radio controlled helicopters are similar to those you would find in your average 2 stroke line trimmers, chain saws or leaf blowers. Their engines also run on the same fuel mixture which consists of regular gasoline and 2 cycle motor oil, the gas to oil ratio may be different between models so you will need to make sure to read the helicopters instructions prior to mixing any fuel.
Although you can buy your own gas and oil to mix for use in your helicopter, there are many hobby stores that sell pre-mixed fuel for most models, so if you are a bit worried about getting the mix ratio correct, you can always pick up a pre-mixed set.


Popular Gas Remote Control Helicopter Models

There are many different choices when it comes to these helicopters and it can be daunting to try and choose one if it is your first. The following are 2 popular and well known gas powered models:

– Walkera HM 83

JR® GSR260Z Sports RC Helicopter
The JR sports kit, although costly, is a brilliant helicopter once assembled. It features a 26cc gasoline engine from Zenoah and features and extremely smooth and stable flight. The GSR260Z features a large main shaft of 12mm, a fiberglass body, ASG90 rotor head and 810mm carbon based rotor blades.


Enjoy The Fun

Overall, any type of rc helicopter is fun to fly, however gas powered models do provide quite a rush due to their size and sheer power. They are generally really durable and easy to maintain which makes them even better. Additionally, you can read the best rc helicopters if you are looking for more information.