Phoenix Flight Simulator Reviews

Phoenix Flight Simulator Reviews
Phoenix Flight Simulator is a brilliant program to both, learn how to fly remote control helicopters or simply have some fun if the weather outside isn’t all that great. The Phoenix Flight Sim has been a longstanding favorite of many RC helicopter flyers due to its realism, accurate model design and online multiplayer modes. There are generally two version of this sim sold, the first (which is a little bit more expensive) comes with a controller/transmitter whereas the cheaper version does not.


Phoenix Flight Sim Features

The Phoenix Flight Sim boasts a multitude of great features such as its abundance of more than 25 different flying sites. Some of the flying sites included are mountain sites, club fields, water sites and urban sites. Phoenix Flight Sim includes more than 150 different, detailed models of helicopters, planes and watercraft, so it won’t be too hard to find the perfect model for you. All models are designed wonderfully but are also extremely accurate to the real life models in terms of looks, control and specifications.

This simulator also includes an amazing multilayer mode that allows you to fly and learn with many other like-minded pilots over the internet.


Included Helicopters

Phoenix Flight Sim comes with a huge range of popular, well known remote control helicopters to choose from, some of these include:
– Align T-Rex 250
– Align T-Rex 450
– Blade 120 SR
– Blade 450-X
E-Flite Blade 450 3D
Blade CX2
– Blade MSR
– SAB Goblin
– And many more

You can take a look at some of our reviews about remote control helicopters, which feature many models available in the simulator.


Official Runtime Description

“When the rain clouds are over your flying field and you still want to scratch the flying itch, fire up the Phoenix Professional RC Flight Simulation 4. The Phoenix Professional RC Flight Simulation’s stunning graphics and incredibly realistic physics are among the best of any desktop flight simulation. The revolutionary InfinityScape 3D landscape generator lets you fly beyond the horizon over beautiful, every-changing terrain that you create and control.”

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