RC Helicopters For Beginners

What is the best remote controlled helicopter for beginners?

A common question asked by many individuals looking to get into the hobby, and for good reason. There are so many different helicopters available, each with various functions, designs and prices that can make it quite hard to select the perfect one to start off with. Without a decent knowledge it can be difficult to distinguish the differences between functions you do need or don’t need when learning.

The remote control helicopter hobby is an extremely fun and enjoyable hobby for everyone involved. The thrill of either assembling, flying or fixing your models is a great feeling and generally does not cost much when it comes to beginners and the smaller helicopters.
Starting out with the hobby can be a difficult task due to many factors such as choosing the right helicopter to buy, learning to fly and finding correct and up to date information about the hobby and the helicopter models. There are hundreds of websites, blogs and forums over the internet that are dedicated to remote control helicopters, or hobbies in general, but sifting through all of the information to find details about a particular helicopter can be difficult.

The below is a nicely organized list of good indoor helicopters that are great for beginners, all of which come constructed and ready to fly, with great resistance to crashes and damage.

1. Syma S107

The S107 is great for beginners, it has beautiful stability and is quite easy to fly.

Rc Helicopters For Beginners

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2. Blade CX2

The CX2 is a bit more of a higher range helicopter than the S107, however it is still a perfect choice for beginners learning to fly.

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3. E-Sky Lama V4

Another wonderful choice, The Lama V4 is fairly crash resistant, easy to learn and offers a great way for beginners to learn.

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4. Double Horse 9098

The 9098 is another option for beginners, it has an affordable price tag, easy to fly and, like the others, comes out of the box ready to fly.

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5. Helizone Firebird

The Firebird is another solid choice, it is quite similar in looks to the S107 however it boasts great stability and performance.

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