Rc Helicopters With Video Cameras

RC Helicopters With Video Cameras
Flying remote control helicopters, by default, are fun and rewarding. However, you can take it a step further and look into the art of aerial photography/videography, or even just aerial recording for a bit of fun. There are many RC helicopter manufacturers who have taken on board the desire of many individuals who want the ability to easily record their flights, which is why there are now many RC helicopters on the market that come fully equipped with a mini camera for recording.

The helicopters that come equipped with video cameras range in size and style. From mini indoor helicopters through to your large outdoor sized helicopters. Not only that, but there are many mini or key chain cameras that you can attach to your existing helicopters rather than buying a new one. The only issue with doing that is the effect it will have on the flying dynamics due to the additional weight, whereas helicopters that come with a built in camera are designed to combat this issue. If you want to buy a key chain camera and attach it to a helicopter but don’t have a model that may be sizable enough to hold a camera, you can take a look at our RC Helicopter Reviews.


How Do The Cameras Work

Most RC helicopters that come equipped with a video camera feature a mini SD card for storage of the flight footage. The SD card can then be plugged in and accessed by a computer in order to retrieve the data. Depending on the actual helicopter and camera, it is possible to link the cameras feed directly up to a computer monitor in order to watch the recording in real time. This can be a great advantage if your goal is to catch a view of the scenery from above.

The camera equipped on these helicopters range in different quality, obviously the higher the pay, the better the quality. Due to the size of the cameras the quality can be quite poor (on cheaper models) because of the weight requirements, however they are beginning to come in a much higher definition and quality.


How They Came About

The idea of Rc Helicopters with video cameras came around due to the use of large custom made helicopters by film makers and videographers, which were equipped with professional recording equipment. The idea obviously took off with a bang which is why, as mentioned above, there are now so many available.


Are There Any Good Rc Helicopters That Come With a Video Camera?

As previously mentioned there are a lot of helicopters available that house a video camera, a little research may find some good ones for you. However, I have made a quick list of three good video camera equipped RC helicopters below, all of which are well priced and available online.

1. S107C RC Helicopter
Syma S107C

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2. Swann Stealth Helicopter
Swann Stealth Chopper

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And the third option is for those of you looking to get into the deep end of aerial photography and want something at a more professional level, you have the:

3. DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter
DJI Phantom UAV Drone

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