Syma S113 Apache Review

Syma S113 Apache Review
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The S113 is a replacement model for the original S009G by Syma it comes fully constructed and ready to fly. The S113 comes with an infra-red remote control, AC charger, instruction manual, mini screwdriver and a spare set of main blades.

Construction: The S113 is constructed from Hi-Tech soft plastic which makes this helicopter lightweight but extremely durable. It features a built in gyro for enhanced stability and a smoother flight experience. The Apache features dual fan-style rotor blades for better movement, control and stability. The canopy can also be taken off with ease for any repairs or adjustments that you may wish to make.

The size of this helicopter is 12 inches in length, 4 inches in width and 5.5 inches in height.

Controls: The S113 is a 3.5 channel helicopter which means it has the ability to fly up and down, left and right or forwards and backwards. The controllers features a trim function so that you can trim the flight to prevent any unwanted turning and spinning. The Apache also features an LED flash light which allows for a great looking flight in a dark room.

Flight Time and Charging: This RC Helicopter has a flight time of roughly 6-15 minutes on a fully charged battery. A full charge of the battery takes about 60 minutes via the AC charger.

Flight Conditions: The S113 is an indoor helicopter, great for flying in still conditions. It is however possible to fly at a low levels outside on a completely still day without any wind.

Official Syma Description

“The Syma S113G Apache 3.5ch RC Helicopter is the newest design from Syma. This Apache Shape RC military helicopter is ready-to-fly straight out of the box. It’s constructed from hi-tech soft plastic, which makes it durable and solid. Thanks to its ingenious flight stability system, you won’t believe the extreme maneuverability and how easy it is to fly. RC military helicopter also comes with dual fan-style blades which allow for forward and backward movement, and they make turning left and right easier and more controllable than ever before. Every time you charge the helicopter, you’ll have 10-15 full minutes of flight time fun.”


The Syma S113 Apache is a brilliant indoor remote control helicopter that features a very stable flight, making it a great helicopter for both beginners and veterans. It’s tough design makes it highly resistant to damage from crashes, and if damage was to occur the helicopter is supported and parts are easy to obtain.

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