Walkera CB100 Helicopter Reviews

Walkera CB100 Helicopter Reviews
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The Walkera CB100 is a powerful 4 channel remote control helicopter that comes fully assembled and ready to fly. Packaged with the CB100 comes the infra-red remote control, a wall battery charger, an extra set of main blades and a spare tail blade.

Construction: The CB100’s design is made up of alloy metal, premium plastic products and an aluminium rotor head. The CB100 utilises a durable screw on frame for easier repairs and accessibility, along with hard plastic rotors. This helicopter features a built in gyro for increased stability and control during flight.

The design is 8.5 inches in length and has a main rotor diameter of 8 inches.

Controls: The 4 channel control allows you to fly forwards and backwards, left and right and up or down. The transmitter houses a connection port for your computer allowing you to hook it up to your favourite simulation software before taking it for your first real flight. As with most other RC helicopters, the transmitter also includes an alignment trim control to completely adjust the stability during flight.

One of the best things about the CB100 is the digital display on the actual controller which displays details such as your trim amounts, throttle amount and height amongst a variety of other details.

Flight Time and Charging: A complete charge which takes about 30-40 minutes via the electrical wall charger, allows for around 10 minutes worth of flight time, although just like other electric helicopters you don’t want to completely drain the battery.

Flight Conditions: The CB100 is a perfect indoor helicopter that will function and fly well in calm conditions. Although it is possible to fly outside it is not recommended due it’s lightweight design.


The Walkera CB100 is an amazing indoor helicopter that is very beginner friendly with great control and functionality. Although the cost of this helicopter is a little higher than its counter parts, like the mini Syma’s, it is still a great buy and tends to be more comfortable to fly. The design is quite resistant to heavy crashes, although the tail end can be a bit more prone to damage than the rest of the body, there are an abundance of spare parts available should you require them.

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Walkera CB100 ReviewCB100 RC Helicopter Review