Walkera Genius FP RC Helicopter Review

Walkera Genius FP RC Helicopter Review
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The Walkera Genius FP is an amazing and well designed 4 channel, ready to fly and flybarless mini helicopter. This helicopter is RTF which, as with many other helicopters we review, means no assembly or construction is required. Simply open the box, put it on charge and then fly away. With your purchase of this helicopter you get a controller, instruction manual, charging cable and a spare set of blades.

Construction:  The Genius FP features a beautiful, flybarless design which not only looks good but also flies amazingly well. This helicopter has been optimized for beginners in the way it has been built, which means it is extremely durable and damage resistant. This is made possible by the use of ultra light composite materials such as the reinforced plastic rotor head and swashplate.
The size of this beauty is 220mm in length, 223mm in main rotor diameter, 45mm in tail rotor diameter along with a perfect weight of only 38g.

Controls: The Genius FP is a 4 channel helicopter which means it can go forwards and backwards, left and right, up and down plus strafe side to side. This helicopter doesn’t take long to get used to and is extremely easy to fly, even for the newest of beginners. It features a super steady 3-axis gyro for flight stability and comes with a 2402D 2.4Ghz transmitter.

Flight Time and Charging: The Walkera Genius features a 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po battery which allows for a solid flight time of 7-10 minutes on a full charge. A complete charge of the battery with the included charger will take roughly 30-60 minutes.

Flight Conditions: The Genius FP is an indoor helicopter and will not cope well in breezes and light wind due to is lightweight design and size, however it is possible to fly it outside on a perfectly still day without too much hassle.

Official Walkera Description

“The Genius FP is a perfect entry level helicopter for anyone wanting to start an RC Helicopter hobby. GeniusFP is one of the smallest and lightest 4-Channel RC helicopters in the world. The design and construction is simple and clean. By using composite materials Walkera has massively increased parts durability and strength over previous models without compromising on ultra light weight.”


The Walkera Genius FP 4 channel helicopter is a wonderful choice for beginners and veterans alike. It’s optimum design and steady gyro make it easy to learn and fly without compromising any power or looks. Replacement parts are also quite easy to get a hold of, at relatively cheap prices, should you manage to take any severe damage.

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